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Kutoku is an affiliate network that helps industry-leading brands and publishers support one another and elevate their earnings.

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We aren't the biggest affiliate network (and believe that's a good thing).

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We're obsessed with connecting like-minded publishers and brands.

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Seamlessly exchange product samples and editorial coverage.

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Publisher partners have the option to automate affiliate links with short links and UTM parameters for brands

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Brands only pay for sales received, publisher’s earnings are unlimited

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Connect with & engage tastemaking publishers and brands

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Rest assured knowing your affiliate monetization strategy is accurate & compliant with the latest privacy laws

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Trusted by industry-leading brands and publishers

We think we’re pretty great, but don’t take our word for it. See what our wonderful partners have to say.

Carl Murawski

My priority is providing my audience with the best options for their needs. Until Kutoku, many of my top recommendations weren’t monetizable, meaning maintaining credibility was costing me money. Along with finding smaller brands on Kutoku, I often browse the merchant list for new and interesting products. Over the past few years, Kutoku has gone from a niche platform to one which I enjoy using the most.

AmyAnn Cadwell
CEO & Co-Founder
The Good Trade

The Kutoku platform offers publishers a chance to build meaningful partnerships with independent and purpose-driven brands. Their team is dedicated and responsive, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships for publishers and advertisers.

Taylor Johnston
Founder / Designer
Gamine Workwear

We treasure the relationship we have with Kutoku—the well researched & informed articles along with the repertoire of featured brands conspire to create the perfect opportunity to connect to a wonderful group of like minded people. Beyond click bait or numbing sales-pitched noise, Kutoku offers us a demonstrated pathway to relationships with people who share a love of the esoterica & archeology behind our production processes and textiles. Where else to share new work than a favorite internet watering hole for workwear aficionados?

Jacob Hurwitz
American Trench

Standing out and breaking through in e-commerce is a tall task. Kutoku helps American Trench do just that, bringing new people to our site, but without jeopardizing our brand image or customer experience. Dependable fresh traffic and info-rich marketing articles have made a difference in our approach since coming aboard.


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