Referral Program

When you refer a publisher or merchant that joins Kutoku, you'll receive 25% of our earnings from the first year of their participation with us!

What qualifies as a "referral"?

A "referral" is a publisher or merchant partner who joins (or re-joins) Kutoku because of your support or recommendation.

What makes a good referral for Kutoku?

We're welcoming new brands, retailers, content publishers, and creators that have an appreciation for quality and distinct approach in their work.

Any industry or topic focus is welcome too! We'd love to meet anyone who is passionate in any area of interest; such as the outdoors, food/cooking, travel, home, and even general design.

Another consideration too: if the merchant/publisher you have in mind is someone you respect and would like to work with or think could benefit from joining Kutoku, then they are likely right for us!

If I'm already a partner of Kutoku, can I be rewarded separate from my company account?

You may be wondering if you can be rewarded as an individual, rather than as part of your company account with Kutoku.

The short answer is "yes!" - if you'd like, we have the ability to set you up with a "personal" referrer account.

How should I refer someone?

There's a few ways:

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