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How Does Kutoku Work?

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Get started by applying to join Kutoku. We’ll get back to you within a business day and, if accepted, let you know the next steps to create an account.


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Explore our selection of 100+ brands & 50k+ affiliated products, and affiliate link your audience to those that are right for them. You’re welcome to request brand intros & product samples too!


Watch Your Progress

We offer a few handy reporting tools to help you keep an eye on your performance and know what’s working & what isn’t. We  suggest experimenting with  affiliate links to find what works best for you and your audience!


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As referral commissions are recorded and approved, we’ll collect payment from the brand partner then pay you out directly to your bank account. Did we mention we’ll cover all transaction fees too?


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Our tools & services for you to grow faster


Manually creating and managing affiliate links is a dream job…said no one. Our auto-linker tool automagically records clicks and conversions on any of your links to our brand partners.

Browser Extensions

For those publishers needing to manually create affiliate links, our browser extensions lets you do so without leaving your browser tab.

Weekly Newsletter

We’ll keep you in the loop on the latest happenings, from our newest features to our latest brand partners, drops, and sales.

Product Discovery

Our Product Discovery tool consolidates 50K+ affiliated products into one place, making it easy for you to find products that’ll light up you and your audience.

Brand Recruitment

Interested to start an affiliate relationship with brands that aren’t currently on Kutoku? Let us know and we’ll do our best to sign them up for you!

Brand Engagement

Knowing how to approach and connect with brands towards a long-term relationship can be tricky business. Let us help you take those first few crucial steps.

Sample Service

Obtaining product samples to test-drive and feature can be draining and unfruitful. Our Sample Service streamlines the process and all of the complicated bits.

First-Party Cookie Attribution

Rest assured knowing your affiliate monetization strategy is accurate & compliant with the latest privacy laws

Affiliate Reporting

We make analyzing your affiliate activity a breeze by allowing you to break down your activity by day, brand partner, and even content.

Trusted by industry-leading brands and publishers

We think we’re pretty great, but don’t take our word for it. See what our wonderful partners have to say.

Michael Kristy
The Iron Snail

Out of all the affiliate-based sites I work with, Kutoku feels like the one that’s built for me and the people who choose to tune into my content. I love that Kutoku only partners with brands that are at the top of their respective fields. Seeing a brand on Kutoku guarantees that they are of high quality, both in responsiveness and willingness to work together. Furthermore, Kutoku and its staff have introduced me to quite a few brands that I would have never known about otherwise. I also regularly encourage small brands I find on my own to sign up with Kutoku. The platform is a great way to join a circle of passionate creators eager to write, talk about, and research unique brands both old and new. Kutoku’s staff and website are above and beyond anything else I’ve used. The email-per-sale feature is amazing, the statistics are easy to understand at a glance, and the product search feature is incredibly helpful. Kutoku has only gotten better over time; I can’t recommend them enough.

Cameron O'Shea
Creator & Publisher

Kutoku has been a game changer for me. Hands down and without a doubt the most impactful partnership I've encountered since I started my channel. Their high-quality brands fit my channel's niche perfectly and complement my content seamlessly. Since partnering with Kutoku, my channel's growth has significantly increased, and they have been on hand to help aid in that growth. The team listens to my feedback, even launching one of my suggestions on their platform. Out of all the affiliates I work with, Kutoku is by far the most successful. I highly recommend Kutoku to any content creator looking to elevate their affiliate marketing game.

Thomas Bojer
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Kutoku has been the perfect fit as the primary affiliate network for Denimhunters since we joined in 2021. Working exclusively with high-quality merchants within our niche, Kutoku has allowed us to maintain editorial integrity while boosting our revenue. The auto-linking feature and super-easy installation streamline content creation, making the process effortless. Plus, the support from founders Nick and Tim is exceptional—they are always friendly and responsive.

Bernard Antolin
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

I’ve had the privilege of working with Nick and the team at Kutoku for the last several years and if there is one big takeaway from the experience, it’s been the consistent focus on quality in every single thing they do. The platform itself is seamless and incredibly easy to use plus you have the Kutoku team, who is responsive and always ready to help with anything you need. Affiliate marketing should be organic and meaningful and it's an approach they have a deep understanding of. With Acquire it’s been such a great fit as quite a bit of our editorial coverage tends to lean toward products that have a rich background in craft, design, and heritage, tenets that are very well represented in the growing list of merchants they partner with.

Michael Knispel

Kutoku occupies a unique space in the affiliate landscape—it offers a boutique experience with the finest curation. Yet, it is the smarts built into the publisher experience that makes it exceptionally user-friendly and effective. In today's busy world, this is invaluable.

Jeremy Norman
Valet Mag

Kutoku has brought to our online magazine something that no other affiliate network can offer: incredible independent menswear brands and boutiques that young men are hunting for. This access to under-the-radar shops rounds out Valet’s ability to monetize our full buying recommendations—from mass labels to unique small craftsmen and sellers. With Kutoku we’ve seen our affiliate sales increase 18% year-over-year because we’re no longer leaving those hard to reach stores out of our monetization abilities. It’s a powerful tool that is simple to use and an essential for any site looking to tap into those large boutique store purchases.

David Shuck
Managing Editor/Partner

Kutoku has been a total game changer for our approach to affiliate revenue. I've worked closely with Tim and Nick for years, and they completely understand how an affiliate network should work for publishers. We just loaded the auto-linker, and all of our relevant content was instantly monetized. The merchants are basically a dream list for what we typically feature and Kutoku's tools for product discovery have aided without compromising our editorial vision. I can't recommend Kutoku highly enough for any publisher in the men's and quality fashion space.

Graham Hiemstra
Founder + Editor
Field Mag

Field Mag has always taken a quality over quantity approach to covering the outdoor lifestyle space. And so does Kutoku—a rarity in this increasingly spammy world of affiliate marketing. We’ve worked with Kutoku since its inception and truly appreciate the platform's curated approach to growth, efficient communications, and high quality, independent brand partners. There’s value on both sides of the publisher/brand dynamic at Kutoku.

Cruise through our 100+ active, industry-leading brand partners and see which fit best for you and your audience.


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