What is Kutoku?

Kutoku is an affiliate marketing network for publishers and merchants in the apparel and lifestyle industry. We empower online publishers and merchants so they can support one another and grow together. In turn, we hope to strengthen the community and create a more sustainable community.

Our Story

Born out of a vision to help publishers and merchants support one another and grow together.

While affiliate networks are aplenty and wonderful in theory, in reality most are, well, in need of improvement.

Publishers are often required to manually create and maintain hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate links. That is if they can find the right merchants for their content and audience.

It's not always easy for merchants either. In the face of costly fees and lengthy set up processes, most brands and retailers are unable to realize the untapped potential of "affiliate marketing".

We hope Kutoku offers an option that is differentiated and better than the rest.

Our core values

Integrity is paramount

Regardless of the circumstances, we always strive to be open and honest with our partners, all while respecting their privacy and preferences.

Excellence through efficiency

The last thing anyone needs is another distracting, noisy app or service. We help our partners through smart, stress-free technology and systems.

Be thoughtful

We thrive on and welcome publishers and merchants of all backgrounds, as well as look forward to any of their (brutal) feedback to help us improve.

Meet the team behind Kutoku

Nick Coe


Tim Fletcher


What's up with the name?

The word "Kutoku" is derived from the Japanese word for earn, "kakutoku suru" (獲得する). However, it was also inspired by the Japanese term "otaku" (おたく/オタク) for people with obsessive interests.

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