Kutoku’s Mission is to empower like-minded publishers and brands to support one another through affiliate marketing.

Our Story

While working at the industry-leading publication, Heddels, we founded Kutoku out of frustration with incumbent affiliate networks. We felt compelled to scratch our own itch and create a better solution.

Starting and growing Kutoku has been a natural evolution for us. We have decades of hands-on experience in digital media and software engineering across all levels and various industries. We are passionate supporters of quality-obsessed publishers and brands.

With our deep industry expertise, we understand the appeal and pitfalls of affiliate marketing for both publishers and brands. We built Kutoku - and continue to refine it - to meet the needs of our partners and help them thrive together in a dynamic marketplace.

What We Do

Kutoku is an independent affiliate marketing network for publishers and brands in the apparel and lifestyle industry. Publishers feature and link to brands and products they believe in, while brands share commissions on any referred sales. Kutoku provides best-in-class tools and tech so the publishers and brands can support one another and grow together on an affiliate basis.

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Japanese text for "kakutoku suru"

What’s up with the name?

The word "Kutoku" is derived from the Japanese word for earn, "kakutoku suru" (獲得する). However, it was also inspired by the Japanese term "otaku" (おたく/オタク) for people with obsessive interests.

Our Vision

To make affiliate marketing effortless and indispensable.

Our Core Values

To be as quality-obsessed as our partners
To be thoughtful in how we solve problems.
To be fearless as we grow and evolve.

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