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Other affiliate networks are flawed.
Some are expensive to the point that they are cost prohibitive, others require weeks of technical setup. We feel we offer a better option and have seen it in our results - since our launch, we have referred more than $600,000 in online sales to our merchant partners.

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We treasure the relationship we have with Kutoku—the well researched & informed articles along with the repertoire of featured brands conspire to create the perfect opportunity to connect to a wonderful group of like minded people. Beyond click bait or numbing sales-pitched noise, Kutoku offers us a demonstrated pathway to relationships with people who share a love of the esoterica & archeology behind our production processes and textiles. Where else to share new work than a favorite internet watering hole for workwear aficionados?

Taylor Johnston

Gamine Workwear

Standing out and breaking through in e-commerce is a tall task. Kutoku helps American Trench do just that, bringing new people to our site, but without jeopardizing our brand image or customer experience. Dependable fresh traffic and info-rich marketing articles have made a difference in our approach since coming aboard.

Jacob Hurwitz

American Trench

Kutoku has been a great affiliate partner for Tradlands over the past two years. From well written, informative, and complimentary articles featuring our brand and products, reliable monthly traffic, and regular sales, we've thoroughly benefitted from our relationship with Kutoku and look forward to future growth on their platform.

Jeremy and Sadie Roberts


In less than a year since joining Kutoku, our sustainable fashion brand has tracked 18,000+ referred visitors and 40+ sales totalling $8,000.00+ in revenue. All this with minimal effort on our end. We appreciate how easy they are to work with, and the high quality of their content creators.

Emily Roberts

Marketing & Graphic Design

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