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Success Stories

Field Mag has always taken a quality over quantity approach to covering the outdoor lifestyle space. And so does Kutoku—a rarity in this increasingly spammy world of affiliate marketing. We’ve worked with Kutoku since its inception and truly appreciate the platform's curated approach to growth, efficient communications, and high quality, independent brand partners. There’s value on both sides of the publisher/brand dynamic at Kutoku.

Graham Hiemstra

Founder + Editor
Field Mag

Kutoku occupies an often-overlooked space in commerce content by providing access to independent menswear brands. This access to less ubiquitous merchants really aligns with Gear Patrol's approach when it comes to providing a large scope of buying options. With Kutoku we’ve seen our affiliate sales increase, as well as our content become more varied. The interface is easy to use, and we've seen Kutoku make technological improvements since we've begun working with them. Most importantly, the team is very responsive and communicative with a high level of professionalism and dedication to our success.

Brian Louie

Head of Commerce
Gear Patrol

Kutoku has been a total game changer for our approach to affiliate revenue. I've worked closely with Tim and Nick for years, and they completely understand how an affiliate network should work for publishers. We just loaded the auto-linker, and all of our relevant content was instantly monetized. The merchants are basically a dream list for what we typically feature and Kutoku's tools for product discovery have aided without compromising our editorial vision. I can't recommend Kutoku highly enough for any publisher in the men's and quality fashion space.

David Shuck

Managing Editor/Partner

Kutoku has brought to our online magazine something that no other affiliate network can offer: incredible independent menswear brands and boutiques that young men are hunting for. This access to under-the-radar shops rounds out Valet’s ability to monetize our full buying recommendations—from mass labels to unique small craftsmen and sellers. With Kutoku we’ve seen our affiliate sales increase 18% year-over-year because we’re no longer leaving those hard to reach stores out of our monetization abilities. It’s a powerful tool that is simple to use and an essential for any site looking to tap into those large boutique store purchases.

Jeremy Norman

Valet Mag

The Kutoku platform offers publishers a chance to build meaningful partnerships with independent and purpose-driven brands. Their team is dedicated and responsive, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships for publishers and advertisers.

AmyAnn Cadwell

CEO & Co-Founder at
The Good Trade

Here’s the thing I love most about Kutoku: Stitchdown’s mission is to review and recommend only the BEST footwear brands. Most affiliate networks might have one or two; Kutoku exclusively partners with the cream of the crop. Which means there’s never any temptation to compromise our mission by recommending anything other than brands that provide an incredible value and experience for the customer. Nick and team have that same mission, and it's so rare to find.

Ben Robinson


I work with hundreds of men's lifestyle brands across every major affiliate platform, and Kutoku has continued to stand out with high quality (and unique) merchants, fair rates and top notch customer service. Kutoku seems to take a quality over quantity approach, which is a refreshing take on affiliate marketing.

Brock McGoff

The Modest Man

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